J/24 Raised from Bermuda’s Great Sound

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A local salvage crew has recovered Erin, the J/24 that sank on Tuesday after broaching in heavy air at the Barcardi Bermuda International Invitational Race Week regatta.

Erin went down midway through the downwind leg of Race 5 in 30 knots of wind, after she rounded up in a broach that put her mast in the water, flooding the cockpit and cabin. Her crew was immediately rescued. There were no injuries.

A diver retrieved the boat’s sails and the crew’s personal items shortly after the boat went down. About two feet of the mast remained above the water, as Erin sat straight upright, her keel resting on the sandy bottom. She was marked with a buoy overnight.

On Wednesday a pair of work barges attached a chain to Erin’s hoist ring and lifted her just off the bottom, in spite of a 2-foot chop. Moving at about a half-knot, the barges worked in tandem to move the boat into the lee of a nearby island to get out of the wind and waves.

A diver then positioned two straps under the boat and the salvers used winches to lift the hull so that the deck and cockpit companionway were just above the water and the boat could be pumped out.

Erin was back at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club marina by 1400 Wednesday afternoon and was back at the starting line when racing resumed on Thursday.

For more on the salvage and regatta, click here.

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