With a Racer’s Edge wind sensor from Catch the Wind Inc., it is now possible to precisely measure the wind direction and velocity hundreds of yards away. The handheld fiber-optic device—which was part of BMW Oracle’s technical arsenal for the 33rd America’s Cup—weighs about 18lb and uses a pulsating laser to detect what the wind is up to, an approach that allows it to work even in poor

April New Gear

by Sail Staff, Posted April 26, 2010

The GlobalFix PRO EPIRB transmits three different fully integrated signals—a GPS signal, a powerful 406 MHz signal and a 121.5 MHz homing beacon—to help attract rescuers as quickly and efficiently as possible in the event of an emergency offshore. The unit’s internal GPS can provide search-and-rescue teams with a position accurate to within a 100 yards in as little as three


Go for the Green

by Kimball Livingston, Posted April 26, 2010
I want you to read this book. Even if you already know about Garry Hoyt’s schemes for simplifying sailing, even if you have your own perspective on a timeline for solar-electric conversion, there’s perspective here you need to consider.

Hoyt’s overview of the development of sailing, from a critical national technology to “the backwaters and eddies of a rich man’s sport,” sets up a vision of


Anchor for Racers

by Sail Staff, Posted April 16, 2010


The Top iPhone Apps for Sailing

by Mark Smith, Posted April 6, 2010
Apple's iPhone is an amazing piece of technology—it’s a full computer in a small package. As a recent convert to the iPhone, I've been exploring the world of apps to discover which ones provide something truly useful. When I searched for "sailing" in the App Store, over 150 programs popped up. Out of those, here are the three that I'd most want with me while cruising or racing.


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