2012 Holiday Gift Guide

by Adam Cort, Posted December 4, 2012

Think your sailing sweetheart, your old man or your competitive kid has everything they need and more for getting out on the water? The editors at SAIL come to your rescue with practical, fun and stylish new items the helmsperson in your life won't be able to resist.


Not every sailor wants or needs a large-screen chartplotter mounted on a binnacle or bulkhead, and for these sailors there is now a wide range of smaller, much less expensive digital charting alternatives.


An Accidental Sailor

by Lisa Gabrielson, Posted November 28, 2012

Witty, charming and downright funny, author Kathryn Lasky Knight writes about what happens when you marry into sailing in Atlantic Circle, taking readers through her first Atlantic crossing and the extensive European cruise that followed in the process.


Safe and Tidy Lines

by Adam Cort, Posted November 25, 2012

Tame the mess in your cockpit, organize those halyards up on the mast and preserve your dock lines with Robship’s expanded collection of rope bags, cockpit gear bags and rope protectors.


The Vendee Globe Firsthand

by Adam Cort, Posted November 24, 2012

Few of us will ever experience a Vendée Globe race firsthand. But readers can now get at least a taste of what it’s like, thanks to Rich Wilson’s book, Race France to France.

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