Strong Line

To manufacturer its new Ph.D. line, Yale Cordage entwines individual bundles of load-bearing, pre-stretched Honeywell Spectra S1000 strands with proprietary iGrip-treated, easy-to-grip polyester fibers. The encapsulated Spectra strands are then woven into a 12-strand, single-braid line that provides the same, or better strength than a standard double-braid, without a double-braid’s bulk and weight.

Ph.D. line is ideal for use in sheeting applications, where it grips winch drums and sailing gloves when needed, enabling quicker, more deliberate sail handling. It is also engineered so that it holds highly loaded knots and hitches, but then unbends with ease. Better still, it can be spliced quickly and reliably, typically in less than three minutes. For more on Yale Cordage’s new Ph.D. line, click here.

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