Adios steel shackles, hello Softies. These soft shackles (they can also do double duty as hanks for headsails) are spliced from a single length of Dyneema SK75 and come in two sizes, the smaller of which has a safe working load of 2,000 pounds, while the larger can handle 4,000 pounds: impressive numbers, given the unit’s light weight. While sailors have been handcrafting soft shackles for centuries, Colligo Marine is the only company producing soft shackles that don’t rely on a dog bone to keep the strop closed; instead, Colligo uses a clever integral-sleeve system that cinches shut against a sizeable stopper knot. The units are self-tightening once load is exerted, and come equipped with rubber rings to keep the shackle secure when not in use.

$29–$35. ColligoMarine, LLC, 480.703.3675.

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