Slick A-Sail Furler

Facnor’s new Asym-FX asymmetric-spinnaker furler sports a continuous furling drum, where the sail’s tack attaches, and a swivel, where the head attaches. In between is a Kevlar anti-twist luff rope with a Spectra line attached halfway up. The other end of the line is stitched to the sail’s luff. To set, hoist the sail, then ease the furling line as you take in on the sheet. To furl, reverse this process, and the sail will be rolled up from the tack, head, and midpoint. The Asym-FX can be fitted to existing A-sails with some small sail modifications. Facnor makes kits that fit boats between 25 and 120 feet. $2,800 for a kit for a 42-footer. Charleston Spar, 704-597-1502,

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