Seamless Carbon Rigging 35

Over the years, Hall Spars has developed a solid reputation for building high-end performance masts and booms. More recently, it announced its new line of Hall Seamless Carbon Rigging (SCR) 35. As the name implies, this carbon standing rigging is seamless, has the smallest frontal area possible, and has a billiard-ball smooth finish that Hall claims helps to reduce drag. The solid rigging is cured in an autoclave, yet is still flexible enough to be coiled. The people at Hall Spars even designed their own end fittings, which will fit Nitronic 50-sized tangs and spreader fittings. According to Hall, SCR 35 is 50 percent stronger than Nitronic 50 rod rigging. Fashion-conscious sailors take note: SCR 35 can be painted to match your rig, or any other color you fancy.

Call for custom pricing. Hall Spars & Rigging, 401-253-4858.

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