Moorings Made Simple

There’s nothing like the security of a mooring at the end of a long day afloat—once you’ve managed to grab hold of the thing. Unfortunately, doing so can be tough, especially when sailing shorthanded or on your own in heavy weather. The Mooring Mate solves this problem with an easy-to-connect temporary mooring attachment that lets you then secure the actual mooring pennant at your leisure. The key is a stainless steel hook on a temporary line that detaches from the Mooring Mate’s handle after being hooked to the mooring chain. No more having to grab a slippery mooring pennant with a conventional boathook and then hang on for dear life while your boat makes a dash for freedom. After securing the mooring’s actual pennant, you retrieve the Mooring Mate with a trip wire on a small buoy.

$299. Duarte Marine,

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