Grab a Line with Ease

The LineGrabber allows you to quickly and easily attach a line or anchor snubber at any point along another line. It can also be used in any number of other applications, from securing a coil of rope to hanging something from a backstay or securing a dock line. LineGrabbers are manufactured by the same company that makes the Shockles anchor line snubber and consist of a sewn double loop of 1/4in Dyneema cord with a breaking strength of 5,400 pounds. To use the LineGrabber, simply wrap it around the line you want to secure, passing one loop through the other, and then cinch it tight. The result is a strong, secure attachment point without having to tie any knots. The LindGrabber can be used on any line between 1/2in and 1in in diameter and can hold up to 2,000 pounds. For more on the LineGrabber, click here.

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