A Sail for Riding

Most boats don’t behave as well when anchored with rope rode as they do when lying to chain. They tend to sheer about much more, especially in wind-against-tide scenarios, which is bad for your nerves—and those of your neighbors. One way of coping with this is to set a riding sail on the backstay to help keep the bow pointed into the wind. You could make one of these yourself, or you could order one of Banner Bay Marine’s lightweight (4.9-ounce cloth) and colorful purpose-built riding sails. The Pointer #1C, for boats up to 32 feet, sells for $250; the #2C, for boats up to 42 feet, is $315. They’ll build you a larger one if you want. Banner Bay Marine, 201-452-2834, www.bannerbaymarine.com.

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