Spinlock Pylon LED

The Spinlock Pylon LED lifejacket antenna solves a problem inherent to any conventional emergency light attached to a lifejacket. Namely, when deployed, the light is intermittently blocked either by waves or the victim’s head, making it hard to see in a seaway. The Spinlock Pylon LED puts a flashing light atop an antenna that deploys automatically and projects about 9 inches above a victim’s head, providing all-round visibility. The light will run 10 hours and includes a test switch to confirms operability. It cleverly relies on the force of a lifejacket’s inflating bladder itself to pop it into position when needed. The Pylon LED is standard equipment on Spinlock’s Deckvest 5D lifejacket harness and can also be retrofitted to many existing inflatable lifejackets. $59.95. Spinlock, spinlockusa.com

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