Odeo Mk3 LED Flare

A Safer Safety Beacon

Sailors know that carrying pyrotechnics on board, while necessary, isn’t inherently safe. Enter the Odeo Mk3 LED Flare, the successor to the Odeo Mk2 model that won a SAIL Magazine Pittman Innovation Award in 2013. The new Mk3 replicates the light pattern of an incendiary flare by emitting a red LED light and has the same advantages as its predecessor: it doesn’t emit heat, isn’t explosive, lasts six hours on one set of three AA L91 lithium batteries, and is visible from over three miles away. It has fewer moving parts and that it is even brighter than the original. It’s also lightweight and waterproof. After trying out an Odeo flare, you won’t want to leave the dock without one. $185

Odeo Flare, northamericanlaserflares.com

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