Maretron Fluid Flow Monitor

Maretron has long been a leader in developing and implementing NMEA 2000 networks. The FFM100 fuel flow monitor is the latest addition to the long company’s long list of sensors, modules, cabling, components, displays and software.  The unit converts signals from fuel, water and other fluid sensors into NMEA 2000 data, and when used in conjunction with Maretron’s own positive displacement fuel sensors—which include embedded temperature sensors—provides unprecedented accuracy when measuring consumption. Sensor accuracy is vital when determining diesel burn rates, because it is necessary to measure the difference between the amount of fuel delivered to the engine and the large portion of generally hotter fuel that is returned to the tank. Because diesel fuel changes volume with temperature, incorrect compensation for this difference can cause measuring inaccuracies of as much as 5 percent. $395. Maretron Vessel Monitoring & Control Systems,

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