Kannad Marine R10 SRS

The SafeLink R10 SRS (Survivor Recovery System) may soon be a “must have” safety device for those sailing aboard boats equipped with AIS. When manually activated, it transmits an alert message and GPS code that can be processed by any AIS receiver (class A or B) within a 4-mile radius to provide a position, range and bearing on an MOB victim; no more having to carry dedicated equipment to pinpoint the source of a personal homing beacon. The SafeLink can be clipped to a lifejacket and transmits continuously for 24 hours when activated. A flashing LED helps rescuers make visual contact when homing in on the signal after dark. Although the device has not yet been authorized by the FCC and is therefore not for sale in the United States, it hopefully will be soon. Thanks to its compact size and compatibility with equipment that is already aboard, the SafeLink R10 SRS leaves sailors little excuse not to do the right thing. Kannad Marine, kannadmarine.com

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