Cousin Trestec Constrictor

Cousin Trestec has reinvented line-holding with its new Constrictor, a lightweight fiber-on-fiber rope-clutch system. Anyone familiar with Chinese finger cuffs will recognize the principle behind the unit’s gripping mechanism. The Constrictor employs a hollow-braid Aramid “jacket” attached to an aluminum fitting with a line aperture and bolt holes, so that it can be mounted on a cabintop or deck. The clutch’s working end includes a trip line led back to a notch, or “catch,” loop in the aluminum fitting, while an elastic cord applies constant tension. As a line comes under load, it is instantly squeezed by the Constrictor’s Aramid jacket and held fast. Simply pull the trip line and catch its dedicated knot in the notch to release the line. According to Cousin Trestec, the lightweight design offers slip-free performance even when working with higher loads, without the risk of abrasion. We haven’t yet had a chance to test these claims in a real-world setting, and there remain concerns about the system’s durability, but there’s no denying the uniqueness of its approach. Look for more on the Constrictor in the months to come. From $266. Cousin Trestec, 

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