Colligo Soft Snatch Block and Soft Padeye

Colligo Marine has long been a leader in synthetic rigging, winning a Pittman Award for its Emergency Shroud Kit in 2009. It later introduced synthetic standing rigging and a series of featherweight soft-strop attachment loops. Now the forward-thinking company has introduced two new highly innovative products, a Soft Snatch Block and a Soft Padeye, which are earning a joint award thanks to their clever design.

Colligo’s Soft Snatch Block is a static block assembly specifically designed for use with Dyneema SK-75 (Spectra) and other HMPE cordage. The slippery properties of these synthetic fibers pair well with the sheave’s anodized aluminum bearing surface, yielding low-friction performance at a fraction of the weight of a traditional block. The unit attaches to padeyes or other deck/spar fittings with a Spectra strop held in situ by a Velcro strip.

Colligo’s new Soft Padeye provides an ingenious way of installing deck-mounted soft-strop padeyes and includes a screw-on cup, or “can,” to prevent water from getting belowdecks. To install, insert the padeye body into the deck via a 3/4in hole and secure with a combined backing plate-retaining nut. The cup is then screwed on, sealing the system with the help of an O-ring. The padeye comes with a Dyneema loop secured with a simple stopper knot, making it easy to replace as needed. From $69. Colligo Marine,

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