Vessel Vanguard: an online maintenance companion

Two years ago, Island Packet 485 sailor Don Hyde got sick of shuffling through 35 pounds of manuals every time he needed to complete a maintenance job on his boat. What if, he thought, those manuals existed online on one consolidated site? Better still, what if that site could alert me when my systems needed attention? The result was Vessel Vanguard, an online service that bridges the gap between manufacturers and boaters to simplify maintenance and increase enjoyment. The key to the product is Vessel Vanguard’s massive online library of manuals, which it uses to create both a personalized profile for your boat and its various systems, and a maintenance calendar based on manufacturers’ suggestions and warranty requirements. Whenever a maintenance date approaches, Vessel Vanguard then reminds you of whatever needs to be done, whether it be changing your oil, renewing your registration or replacing a set of outdated flares. $599 (initial setup cost). Vessel Vanguard, 

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