Thin Film Solar Panels

Looking for an innovative way of keeping your batteries trickle-charged, without adding a cumbersome and expensive fixed solar panel? SolarSail could be your solution.

These rollable solar films attach to your boat’s canvas via supplied fasteners (mounting instruction included), allowing you to easily stow them when you collapse your canvas. The monolithically integrated panels are made from a Silicon film; this construction method eliminates the need for manual connections of individual panels, which can be an Achilles heel for other solar systems. SolarSail currently makes four sizes, from 7-watt panels to 28-watt panels, all of which are competitively priced. We have a 14-watt SolarSail panel attached to the mainsail cover on our Norlin 34 project boat, where it has kept the two battery banks at peak charge throughout the summer and fall, pumping in up to half an amp of charge. From $138 – $338 (mounting hardware included). SolarSail, 704-504-2244,

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