Slick Rig: DeWal Dynaglide MT Rigging Tape

By David Schmidt

Unsightly is the rig with massive wads of rigging tape glommed onto the spreader tips; worse are sails that have been “punctuated” by uncovered spreaders. DeWAL Industries’s pressure-sensitive Dynaglide MT rigging tape, which is made from pure Teflon to yield an extremely low friction coefficient, easily adheres to spreader tips, turnbuckles, lifelines, deck hardware, and even batten pockets and fiberglass; moreover, silicone adhesive allows a user to easily peel the tape off at season’s end. The ultra-smooth tape allows headsails to pass easily and is less likely to snag an uncooperative halyard. $19.99. DeWAL Industries, 800-366-8356.

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Posted: March 14, 2008

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