Shurhold Zipper Lube

Shurhold Zipper Lube

Snaps and zippers are easily overlooked on a boat—until they malfunction. Keep your boat’s snaps and zippers in good working order with Shurhold’s new Snap-Stick protection lubricant and Top-Snapper tool. Applying Snap-Stick is a cinch because it comes in a twist-stick form instead of a gel. To apply, simply add a bit to the male end of the snap or run along both sides of the zipper teeth. Shurhold recommends doing so a few times a year for best results. In the event you run into a sticky snap and are worried about tearing the canvas to get it undone, the Top-Snapper tool provides a pair of stainless steel blades, which slip over a snap shoulder to align the snap and pull it cleanly apart. From $6.48.

Shurhold Industries,

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