Seasick Blues Be Gone

Some sailors are born with saltwater rushing through their veins and an ironclad stomach that can weather the worst of blows. I, however, am not one of those sailors. While I like to think that my blood has more than its fair share of salinity, I’m a frequent visitor to the leeward rail in lumpy conditions. Until now, that is. While everybody’s body reacts differently to various medications – and one man’s savior medication can be another’s allergy – I have had great luck with Queasy Drops, all-natural, drug-free lozenges that come in a variety of flavors to match palates with sound stomachs.

I have used a wide variety of seasickness medicines, both over-the-counter varieties and prescription-grade drugs, but to no avail. The over-the-counter medicines tend to make me tired, lethargic, and borderline nauseous; the prescription-grade drugs give me terrible cottonmouth, and have even blurred my vision on occasion. In short, I don’t like taking these medications, as it’s imperative to keep your wits about you offshore.

Enter Queasy Drops. These herbal lozenges were originally designed for pregnant women and children undergoing chemotherapy, but were found to offer great relief for a variety of stomach ailments, including seasickness. Queasy Drops have never once made me drowsy or made me feel doped up, and I have never once had to question whether or not my judgment has been impaired. But more importantly, I’ve also never become seasick when I’ve taken Queasy Drops, including a few rough offshore passages and day racing on hoped-up raceboats where crew comfort is an afterthought at best.

Queasy Drops recommends sucking on a lozenge prior to stepping aboard, and then frontloading more drops as the day wears on. That said, I’ve also used them on trips that started out benign (no need to take a lozenge at the dock), but then after a few days conditions kicked up and I’ve started sucking down lozenges with great success. I find that sucking on a couple per hour does the trick nicely.

Queasy Drops come in a variety of flavors, and they can also be purchased in containers with only a single flavor, allowing a user to find the flavor that works best/tastes best for them, and then stock up on this one flavor. According to Queasy Drops, each flavor contains different ingredients; so one flavor could prove to be your magic bullet. Personally, I’m partial to the grapefruit flavor, but I have had good luck with all of them. And while curing hangover wasn’t part of the product’s design intention, it’s been highly rumored (and confirmed by this editor) that Queasy Drops are useful for mitigating this second-worst stomach scenario. From $3.95. Queasy Drops, 866-773-4443.

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