The Petzl e+LITE is one of the few pieces of kit to make it on to my must-have list. The headlamp has one red and three white LED bulbs on a tiny swivel-mounted head. A selection switch makes it easy to choose from the e+LITE’s different settings, even with gloves on; its storage mode ensures that the light won’t accidentally illuminate your pocket. The headlamp has five settings: regular white, high-power white, flashing white, flashing red, and red. While the unit’s brightest setting isn’t as powerful as an ultra-bright LED, it’s more than powerful enough to serve as a backup/emergency light. A long elastic lanyard with a sliding adjuster allows it to be worn as a headlamp, around the neck, or on the wrist, and a clip enables it to be attached to clothing. This clip could also be used to fasten the device on the leech of a sail to illuminate the telltales. $29.95. Petzl, 801-926-1500,

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