Here’s incontrovertible proof that today’s sailors have it easier than their forebears. The TugTub is a portable floating hot tub that takes just five minutes to deploy and an hour to heat to 104 degrees, providing even the lowliest weekend cruiser with an amenity worthy of a megayacht. Larry Ellison, eat your heart out! The tubs can be used in fresh and salt water, and employ an 88,000BTU LPG heater that weighs about 25lb and includes a digital temperature control and a set of quick-connect fittings for attaching LPG and water hoses. TugTubs are available with seats or flat bottoms for two or four people. Each tub comes with a carrying bag. A number of accessories are available, including—of course!—cup holders. Prices start at $11,495. For more information, visit

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