Power on the Move

After proving itself in a number of offshore races, including last year’s Transat Jacques Vabre, the Watt&Sea hydrogenerator is now available in a cruising version.

Measuring about 3ft long (short- and long-leg versions are available) and weighing just under 18lb, the Watt&Sea attaches to a hinged transom bracket, which makes it easy to deploy and disengage, and begins generating power at just 3 knots of boatspeed. At 5 knots it generates 10 amps of 12-volt current; at 8 knots it puts out 40 amps. An external regulator controls the output to your boat’s battery bank.

As a testament to the system’s efficiency, the Watt&Sea hydrogenerator is fast becoming a fixture on the Open 60 racing scene, with a number of units set to appear in the upcoming Vendée Globe. For more information, visit www.wattandsea.com/en

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