New Gear – March 2007

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Longtime European ropemaker Teufelberger recently
partnered with Ronstan to distribute Teufelberger’s FSE
Robline sailing ropes around the world. These ropes cover the full gamut of sailing needs, from all-around docking and mooring lines to state-of-the-art racing cords that have been proven on Volvo Ocean 70s, America’s Cuppers, and ORMA 60 tris. The company’s proprietary impregnation system is claimed to add longer life, better flexibility, and splicing ease. The ropes have a comfortable hand, regardless of load, and run smoothly through winches and hardware. Prices vary based on rope type and construction, length, and diameter. Ronstan, 401-293-0539,


Estesian Technologies’s new wireless anemometer achieves self-sufficiency via an internal brushless generator that requires only a small amount of wind for power. The device is compatible with standard potentiometer-based wind-direction sensors, allowing it to provide wind-direction measurements. It is accurate to +/-0.17 knot, has a range of 300 feet, and has both pulse and analog outputs; a serial port allows it to be used with its own display, a variety of analog and digital displays, or a PC. Estesian Technologies, 413-548-9854,

Choosing sailing footwear is game of compromises: don deck shoes and your dogs will howl in the heat; wear open-toed sandals and you risk a trip to the podiatrist if you “discover” any deck hardware. To this end, Timberland recently launched its new line of Mion sailing footwear. Featuring an ergomorphic footbed that molds to your foot, a sculpted superstructure that holds your foot firmly in place, an ingenious lacing system, a protective toebox, and a sole that becomes stickier when wet, the Current Sandal addresses a number of problems. Best of all, Mion uses renewable energy (solar and wind) to manufacture its footwear. $100, Mion Footwear, 866-784-6466,


Sailors rely on batteries to power any number of gizmos, but in the case of disposable batteries, this reliance comes at a hefty cost to the consumer and to the environment. More Power 2U claims its new Battery Xtender safely and effectively recharges disposable alkaline, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium, zinc carbon, titanium, and rechargeable alkaline manganese batteries without creating a buildup of heat and gas, the common problem with other disposable-battery rechargers. The Battery Xtender works with AAA, AA, C, and D batteries; the company claims that its unit extends the life of a disposable battery by up to 10 times. $39.95, More Power 2U, LLC, 954-578-6909,

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