New Gear – April 2007

Edited by David Schmidt


In 2003 Erin Hemmings used an Aerobie Pro Ring to set the Guinness World Record for the longest throw of an object without any velocity-adding propulsion. Now Aerobie has launched a hand-held espresso maker. The connection? Both devices help you go the distance. Simply insert a filter, set the AeroPress over a coffee mug, add coffee and hot water, stir, and depress the plunger. The durable plastic device is ideal for boat use. $29.99. Aerobie, 650-493-3050,

Shiver me timbers

It’s miserable to pull a frigid midnight watch shift during a stormy passage or an ocean race and not be prepared for the cold. To this end Patagonia recently introduced a new line of merino-wool base layers. These chlorine-free garments are soft against the skin (I hate scratchy wool), resist the growth of odor-causing bacteria, and are sold in different weights for different activities. Moreover, the garments easily and effectively wick moisture away from your body (thus helping keep you warm) and are surprisingly warm for their weight and bulk. From $82. Patagonia, 800-638-6464,

Energy Conscious

Few things are as discouraging as coming on board your boat, only to find a dead battery. Microlog has created two new affordable battery-monitoring systems, the DMM-3-BR (for two batteries) and DMM-4-BR (for three batteries). The monitors protect your batteries against deep discharges, provide accurate measurements of two and three-battery banks, and measure system charge, discharge, and net current; they can also measure incoming current. The devices draw a tiny amount of current, so they can be left on when the crew is ashore, and plug-and-play capability makes installation a snap. From $89.99. Microlog Technologies, Inc., 450-664-2664,

Man overboard!

These are the two words that no skipper wants to hear, but with the new MOBi-lert 720i system she will quickly know if someone unexpectedly exits stage left (or starboard). Each crewmember carries a small MOBi-ilert PTX unit, which sends a constant signal to the system’s monitoring unit. If one of the PTX units is submerged, the transmission is broken and an onboard alarm is automatically activated. The system can be configured to kill the engine or to release a dan bouy; a MOBi-lert console unit (not included) identifies the MOB, notes the GPS coordinates, and directs the skipper back to the MOB via its Track-Boat screen. $895.Ocean Marketing, 800-343-8294,

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