Make that RIB Sparkle!

Give your poor abused RIB the makeover it deserves with the environmentally friendly RIB Clean & Shine Kit from Ensearch. Each kit includes a bottle of Ensearch RIB Cleaner, Ensearch Rapid RIB Shine and a microfiber buffing cloth to dress up your inflatable without having to employ any potentially damaging abrasives.

To use the RIB cleaner simply pour it on, “agitate” lightly to help loosen the dirt and then hose off. According Ensearch there’s no need to rub and scrub. In fact, Ensearch warns that excessive scrubbing with its product can actually damage the surface of the tubes and leave a very patchy finish.

To use the Rapid RIB Shine, simply spray and wipe. The kits cost $39. For more information, visit

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