Going Soft

Walker Bay’s rigid polypropylene dinghies are a common sight around the country’s waterways and coastlines, where they’re used as sailboat tenders and fun boats. Now the company hopes its attractive new inflatables will meet with the same success. Its Genesis line of RIBs have light but strong plastic hulls and either PVC or Hypalon removable tubes; some of them have folding transoms for easier stowage, and all have built-in wheels. Prices range from $1,749 (8-foot, 10-inch model) to $3,799 (11 feet, 2 inches). The Odyssey series of air-floor and slatted-floor soft dinghies starts at $999 for the 7-foot, 11-inch model. Walker Bay; 604-682-5699; www.walkerbaygenesis.com

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