Flagships New Gear – February 2007

Edited by David Schmidt

Remote controlled

If you want to harness the full power of your yacht’s flat-screen TV, high-end stereo, theater-area lighting and more, you can do it with Remote Technologies’s T4 Universal Controller. The touch-panel device features an integrated 802.11 WiFi card, onboard speakers, and a 6.4-inch LCD display with full VGA resolution, allowing this handheld to display video windows and web pages. This stand-alone controller transmits both infrared and radio-frequency signals, making it possible to switch channels through walls or above decks. The T4’s Windows-based software is easy to customize, as is the device itself. $2,499. Remote Technologies, Inc., 952-253-3100, www.rticorp.com

Constant Watchman
Clearly seeing objects at night and keeping a watchful eye on your yacht are objectives that any owner seeks, especially if these can be accomplished from anywhere. Night Vision Technologies’s 6000 series multiple-sensor vision system boasts a thermal imager, a high-resolution 312X zoom color camera, and an ultra-low-lux camera for crisp diurnal or nocturnal viewing. The unit also features a gyro-stabilized camera platform, which renders clear images regardless of sea state. Best yet, an owner can use the unit’s remote Internet viewing function to keep an eye on his investment while ashore. From $134,995. Night Vision
Technologies, Inc., 972-554-3955, www.nvti-usa.com

Powered up
If you’ve traveled to the world’s exotic ports, odds are good that you’ve experienced troubles accessing shore power. Vectek’s VSP Series II shore-power converter equalizes a boat’s power requirements with available shore power. The VSP Series II accepts multiple power inputs; you determine whether the power supply is one- or three-phrase, and the converter does the rest. The unit also features seamless transfers from shore to generator and generator to shore, and its modular design makes it easy to fit it into tight spaces. From $15,000. Vectek Marine, 860-585-7923, www.bassproducts.com

Serve Chilled
If there’s anything better than enjoying a glass of bubbly on the water, it’s enjoying a cold glass of bubbly. Veuve Clicquot’s Ice Jacket makes it easy to keep a prechilled 750-ml bottle of Veuve Clicquot (or other similarly bottled spirits) cold for up to two hours, without ice or refrigeration. Featuring a neoprene-lined skin, leather trimmings, a zipper enclosure, and a button closure around the bottle’s neck, the Ice Jacket is the perfect way to serve chilled champagne and keep it that way. $54.99 with bottle of NV Brut/$10 without. Veuve Clicquot, 212-251-8200, www.clicquotinc.com

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