Crank in that Backstay!

Harken’s new Integral Hydraulic Backstay Adjusters use double-acting pumps to deliver oil when the handle is pushed and pulled, reducing pumping time by nearly doubling the flow of single-acting pumps standard on other integrals. The pressure release has also been reconfigured, making it impossible for crew to over-tighten the screw by hand and damage the valve when closing it for pumping—a common problem on other cylinders. A gauge with an easy-to-read analog display mounts at the top—not the bottom—of the cylinder for easy viewing from the cockpit. Pressure relief is factory set to prevent crew from over-tensioning the backstay.

The new adjusters fit boats with 7/32 to 9/32 inch wire and LOAs from 30-39 feet. Cylinders in four sizes come standard with a clevis on both ends. Assemblies include a hardcoat-anodized aluminum cylinder and pump, valve, gauge and stainless pump handle with three attachment options. All pins, plugs are stainless steel. Clear-anodized aluminum cylinders are available upon request. For more, visit

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