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To make cleaning your boat a bit easier and a lot safer for the environment, Ecover recently introduced its eco-friendly Boat Wash Wax and Heavy Duty Boat Wash. These low-foaming cleaners and waxes clean and shine metal, fiberglass and painted marine surfaces, and are phosphate-free. The products are made from plant and mineral-based ingredients, including coconut surfactants, carnauba wax and citric acid, to naturally remove dirt, oil and grease. If that isn’t cool enough, this is the official cleaner and waxing agent used by skipper Mike Golding aboard his aptly named (and frequently dismasted) IMOCA Open 60, Ecover. From $7. Ecover; 800-449-4925,

Heavy-duty solvents like acetone and xylene are effective, but they aren’t great for the environment. MAS Products has recently introduced Bio-Solv, a 100% biodegradable, corn-based solvent that, claims MAS, can outperform both acetone and xylene. It’s non-carcinogenic, reusable, leaves no film, and does not evaporate upon application. From $8.99. MAS Epoxies; 856-303-9245,

Polishing metal brightwork isn’t fun, especially if your boat has plenty of brass, bronze or stainless steel aboard. If your boat falls into this category, check out Serious Shine from Shurhold Industries. The makers claim that this potent polish and protector can put a shine on any solid surface (including fiberglass, rubber and vinyl). Serious Shine comes packed with a UV-inhibitor and has anti-static properties. $14.99 for a 14-ounce aerosol canister. Shurhold; 800-962-6241,

Trac Ecological Marine’s ready-to-use Descaler is an environmentally friendly freshwater descaling solution. It can be used safely in engines or any other freshwater system that relies on water recirculation. Trac claims that the cleaning agent will not harm seals, gaskets, plastics, or metals commonly found in water systems. It will also chemically clean most systems in about five hours. Available in 1- and 5-gallon containers. From $24.45. Trac Ecological Marine Products; 954-987-2722,

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