Automatic Pitch Variation

The new Max-Prop Ecowind feathering propeller from PYI Inc. automatically varies its pitch under different motoring situations, providing higher top speeds in both calm and rough conditions, significantly lower fuel consumption, extended range under power, better acceleration and less engine noise at cruising speeds.

The key to the Ecowind is a patented spring systems that adjusts propeller pitch to its optimum position based on load. For example, when the boat accelerates, the spring system allows the pitch to flatten so that both engine rpms and boat speed can increase rapidly. Then, as the vessel’s speed increases and the load on the propeller decreases, the pitch increases, providing optimal thrust underway. The result is greater speed at a lower rpm.

The propeller is highly efficient in reverse, and quickly feathers when the engine is off or in neutral, which means there is minimal resistance when a boat is under sail. Ecowind propellers range in size from 14in to 22in and carry a 3-year warranty. For more on the Max-Prop Ecowind, click here.

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