IBEX 2007: New Gear Sneak Peek

Because IBEX is a show for professionals, some of the gear and technology on display isn’t yet available to the public (or has only recently been released). But just because it’s industry news, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know about it. Here are three new items to keep an eye out for.

Fusion MS-IP500 Stereo Unit

Forget CDs, digital music is the way of the future. And Fusion’s new MS-IP500 stereo is breaking new ground. Advertised as the first marine stereo with a built in iPod dock (not just an external cord), simply fold the waterproof cover down and insert any model iPod. A CD version with external iPod dock will also be available. Production starts in November. Look for it in January 2008.


Already available to the public, this new high performance, general purpose polyurethane adhesive from MAS Epoxies ( www.masepoxies.com) is designed for water- and weather- resistant bonding, and advertises only a 45-minute press time. We tried a sample on the showroom floor; it’s strong. One 28-ounce tube costs $36.99.

Sea Hawk Mission Bay Copper-Free Antifouling

Having only recently gained approval from the California Environmental Protection Agency, Sea Hawk will finally be selling its Mission Bay Copper-free “Green” Antifouling in California. The ablative, self-polishing anti-fouling, which is advertised to last 12-15 months, uses Zinc Omadine in lieu of copper and is available in five colors. In addition, Sea Hawk is also releasing a 12-ounce aerosol can for outboards, outdrives, and props. www.seahawkpaints.com

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