Turn Your iPhone into a Chartplotter

The iAIS from Digital Yacht is a dual-channel Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver that not only wirelessly transmits AIS data to an iPhone, iPad or iTouch, but can also transmit any other NMEA data available on board, including things like depth, speed and wind information. When coupled with the iNAVx iPhone navigation app INAVx, the result is a portable device that can serve as a fully functional chartplotter. Digital Yacht has also created a free AIS overlay app for viewing AIS data exclusively. To operate, iPad or iPhone users simply turn on their device to connect to the iAIS “hot spot.” For those who aren’t interested in AIS, there is also the option of the WLN10, which can wirelessly feed nav data to your Apple device.

$599. Digital Yacht, digitalyachtamerica.com

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