Simple, Consistent Collision Avoidance

The AIS WatchMate RX from Vesper Marine is an all-in-one, standalone collision avoidance system that comes with an internal parallel two-channel Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver, which allows it to effectively identify targets at a greater range.

In operation, the AIS WatchMate RX displays class A and class B vessel positions, voyage data, navigation aids, AIS safety messages and meteorological and hydrographical information, where available, including real-time wind, current and tidal data. A proprietary target prioritization algorithm allows the system to not only plot crossing situations, but clearly highlight those target vessels that pose the greatest collision risk. Once identified, it displays crucial target information for potentially dangerous vessels, including name and call sign, to aid in rapid inter-vessel communication.

Selectable boating profiles allow users to easily switch between pre-defined filter and alarm settings to meet their current situational needs, including in-harbor, near-shore and offshore. In addition, the AISWatchMate RX displays GPS navigational data including course, speed, heading and satellite status, expanding the device’s functionality as a second-station GPS display at the helm or anywhere else throughout a vessel where critical information is required.

“Gone are the days of complex set up and concerns over proper operation,” said Vesper Marine co-founder Jeff Robbins. “By eliminating the need for a separate black box receiver, users simply plug in a VHF antenna and connect the unit to a GPS device and they’re up and running.”

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