See the Wind at Night

The new Tri-Color Anchor Navigation Light from Signal Mate uses a clear window on top to allow the white stern light to shine upward. This extra beam of light then illuminates the wind vane’s reflective patches whenever the light is on, eliminating the need to click on the anchor light to make the wind indicator visible—an incorrect and dangerous practice that can be confusing to other boats in the area.

The light includes six high-brightness LEDs—three tri-color diodes, and three anchor-light diodes—and can be quickly installed using an existing three-conductor cable. The system includes a watertight aluminium housing and a polycarbonate outer lens. It uses the latest LED technology, maintaining full brightness with input voltages between 10 volts and 30 volts DC, while consuming just 0.3 amp.

For more on the Tri-Color Anchor Navigation Light, click here.

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