Keep Your Monitor in the Clear

All too often the problem with cockpit navigation monitors is keeping them in clear view when you’re under sail. Take a seat immediately behind the helm, and life is good. But find a comfy perch steering to windward, and the next thing you know you’re continually having to crane your neck to keep an eye on where you are with respect to those pesky shallows off to leeward; same can be said for reaching the thing’s buttons.

To solve this problem, Norway-based BSS has created the Navslide, an adjustable mounting bracket that makes it possible to quickly slide a monitor from one side of a steering pedestal to the other, ensuring you always have a clear view. The slide also comes equipped with an adjustable arm that allows you to rotate your nav screen a full 360 degrees, for when you are, say, watch-standing from the shelter of a spray hood forward.

The Navslide can be mounted on any grab-rail equipped steering pedestal and is robust enough to serve as an additional grab rail itself. A Navslide-mounted monitor is also easy to remove when leaving your boat, so you won’t have to worry about it falling prey to thieves.

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