B&G Zeus Touch with Sailsteer

The latest generation of B&G’s Zeus MFD is jam-packed with features that will mean nothing to our powerboating brethren but bring smiles to both cruising and racing sailors. The Zeus Touch devices improve upon the already lengthy list of sail-specific functions native to the Zeus family. The most impressive newcomer is the SailSteer function, which pulls together all the relevant data—current, wind, boatspeed, course—into one user-configurable graphic display that will calculate your optimum tacking angles and work out your laylines based on tidal set, wind angle and all the other factors a navigator must normally work out in his head. All of this can be seen and controlled from a tablet or smartphone via B&G’s GoFree wireless protocol—and tech-savvy sailors can develop their own apps via the GoFree Developer Toolkit. The Zeus Touch can display Navico Insight, Navionics, or C-Map vector charts or NV-Charts raster charts and it’s compatible with B&G Triton instruments.

From $999. B&G, bandg.com

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