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I started using iRegatta in December, and I’m not sure I’ll sail without it again. Although I’m primarily a cruiser and the app is nominally for racers, it provides an impressive amount of real-time and historical data that all will find useful.

The home screen acts much like a standard multifunction display, with customizable readouts for values such as COG, SOG, VMG, wind speed and compass heading. A lift indicator shows wind shifts, and a performance bar compares your speed to your boat’s target speed (calculated using polars). When navigating to a waypoint, the layline view shows wind direction, bearing to the mark and tack and gybe angles. Though this app works best when linked to WiFi and integrated with NMEA, you can also set the wind direction by aiming your device into the wind or sailing close-hauled.

The app is especially useful during a race start. Once you mark the starting line, iRegatta uses your boat’s course and speed to calculate time to the line, with a “burn or gain” bar to indicate if you’re late or early. There is also a countdown timer with audible alerts.

Once under way, you can enter waypoints manually or import them electronically. iRegatta then provides a bearing and distance to your next destination. Want to check your AIS? Simply toggle to “AIS view,” integrate NMEA data and view each target, its speed and its direction.

When used with WiFi, iRegatta is an impressive app with excellent online support. Racers will appreciate the start and race views and all sailors will benefit from the target speed and navigation information.

Based on the comprehensive set of functionality and usability, I give this app a 4 ½ out of 5. 

iRegatta, Let’s Create

$10/basic, +$6/NMEA, +$4/AIS

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