The Sailor’s Book of Small Cruising Sailboats

After watching Steve Henkel collect brochures on trailerable boats for almost 50 years, his wife, Carol, asked why he was continuing to surround himself with mounds of seemingly obsolete files. With no room to maneuver, Henkel could only mumble that they were for a book he was planning to write. “Starting when?” his wife asked. “Now,” he meekly replied.

Fortunately for us, the result is a remarkable compendium of 360 designs under 26 feet, with knowledgeable observations—Henkel and his wife have sailed and owned many of the boats mentioned—about the best and worst features of each. Comparative data for boats of similar design, no-nonsense tips on trailering and a lucid writing style combine to make this a must-read, not only for nostalgia buffs, but for anyone thinking about buying a small cruiser. Thank you Mrs. Henkel.

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