The Modern Cruising Sailboat

Often, buying a cruising boat is the realization of a lifelong dream. But with that dream comes financial, logistical and, yes, personal obligations. While all of them can be managed, it’s a lot easier when you understand the realities that go with boat ownership. Doane has owned many boats over the years—his latest is affectionately named Lunacy—and uses his acquired wisdom in an entertaining narrative intended to help fellow dreamers know what’s important in a cruising boat. Construction, hull shapes, sails, systems and even details for the liveaboard are covered in detail.

Nothing is sacred then, although Doane is quick to say that if something on board makes you happy, it’s a success. Heed Doane’s counsel and, when you’ve done so, by all means go ahead and grab hold of a real boat, and skip the fantasies.

You can purchase a copy here.

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