Go for the Green

I want you to read this book. Even if you already know about Garry Hoyt’s schemes for simplifying sailing, even if you have your own perspective on a timeline for solar-electric conversion, there’s perspective here you need to consider.

Hoyt’s overview of the development of sailing, from a critical national technology to “the backwaters and eddies of a rich man’s sport,” sets up a vision of sailing in the future that can lead and inspire. Sail, he observes, “ranks right up there with the wheel as a vital link in human progress, because sail was the prime medium of discovery that opened up the modern world.”

Livelier sail training, sailing rigs that might engage powerboaters (or at least the trawler contingent), speed thrills for kids—no wisp of the nautical imagination eludes Hoyt, who believes that sail remains “a legacy of serious importance.” That is why I take him seriously.

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