Zhik ZK Seaboot

Rethinking the Sea Boot

Zhik’s brand-new ZK Seaboot represents not just a new look, but an entirely new approach to high-tech offshore boot design. Specifically, Australia-based Zhik has decided to forego breathability in the interest of making a boot that is absolutely 100 percent watertight under any conditions. The thinking is that while your feet may sometimes become a bit damp with sweat, the tradeoff of never getting soaked is more than worth it. To this end, ZK Seaboots are built of sealed neoprene and rubber, with a soft Hydromerion lining for comfort and odor control. A fast-draining, waterproof gator completes the picture by keeping bluewater from slopping in over the top of the cuffs when things get really fun, er, bad.

$259, Zhik USA, zhik.com

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