The Really Good Deal

We live in a disposable world. Our water often comes contained in land-fill plastic, our myriad electronic gizmos and gadgets are trendy for a year or two before they too join the plastic bottles in the landfill, and that’s not even to mention the batteries and power cords that power them. And let’s not even talk about racing sails, broken boat bits, or the massive pile of aluminum cans and glass found in most sailors’ garages. If you’re tired of creating landfill fodder but are in need of a new sun hat, check out The Real Deal’s line of hats, which are made from recycled canvas tarpaulins that were formerly used for transporting goods around South America. Each hat is uniquely hand crafted by Brazilian villagers, ensuring that each hat is a unique creation. As the company likes to say, “There is nothing that you can do to this hat that hasn’t happened before.”

$29.99. The Real Deal.

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