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Paddleboards are great not only for exploring an anchorage after dropping the hook, but for getting a heck of a workout while you’re at it. The only problem is finding room to strap one down within the limited confines of the average sailboat. Enter the Sea Eagle Standup Inflatable NeedleNose 124 deluxe paddleboard, an inflatable micro-craft that will carry you across open water, large lakes, bays, salt marshes and rivers with ease, thanks to its wave-piercing bow and sleek design. Two model sizes available: an 11ft 4in lightweight version and a heavier, more rigid 12ft 4in version. Each board includes a pair of paddles, a hand pump, foot pump, a comfy kayak seat for when you get tired of paddling upright, a slide-in skeg and repair kit. There’s also a nifty backpack that you can use either to store your NeedleNose or carry it off to a secluded launch point. $1,049.

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