Sea Creatures

The toughest part of using a life jacket is making sure to put the thing on. This goes double for kids. There’d have to be something seriously wrong, though, with any kid who wouldn’t want to wear a life jacket like this. Opa Cove’s Sea Squirts line includes both U.S. Coast Guard certified life jackets and “swim assist” vests for youngsters still working on their dog paddle. The vests’ neoprene fins provide buoyancy and are tough enough to serve as a sturdy handle for hauling errant offspring back aboard. Kids can choose from a number of different styles, including Killa Whale, Clownfish, Grrreat White Shark, Pink Dolphin and Angelfish. Does that Killa Whale vest by any chance come in a men’s extra large?

From $59. Opa Cove,

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