Prada Style – Nuff Said!

You may not be able to sail like Brazilian Olympic medalist Torben Grael or James Spithill, helmsman for recent Larry Ellison’s recent America’s Cup winner, but now you can look like them—at least a little. Fashion icon Prada recently unveiled a what it calls its “Intrepid” sunglasses—the same glasses BMW Oracle Racing configured with a heads-up display similar to that used aboard fighter jets, the better to keep tabs on things like wind direction while steering to windward.

Although, the heads-up display version isn’t available in stores, the glasses’ wraparound style makes them especially well suited for use in high windspeeds, like those you might encounter steering a 90-foot trimaran. Also available is a new Rainbow sunglasses model, with polarized, tear-drop-shaped lenses. For more, click here.

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