Night-Watch Cap

For racers and cruisers who like wearing baseball caps offshore, the Sailors Night Vision Cap may be just the thing after the sun goes down. Each cap comes equipped with a pair of red LEDs and either three or four white LEDs, depending on the model, to provide hands-free illumination on the darkest night. In the words of our tester, Boston-area sailor Bill Jacobson: “I was trimming main (on an overnight race) and I’d just flick on the white light to check out the telltales, low beams for overall shape and high beams for those upper telltales. The light was surprisingly bright.” The LEDs are activated by a switch in the brim and are rated for 60 hours of continuous use. The “offshore” model comes with a lanyard to ensure it doesn’t end up over the side in rough weather.

From $39. Sailors Night Vision cap:

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