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We live in a disposable world. Our water often comes contained in land-fill plastic, our myriad electronic gizmos and gadgets are trendy for a year or two before they too join the plastic bottles in the landfill, and that’s not even to mention the batteries and power cords that power them. And let’s not even talk about racing sails, broken boat bits, or the massive pile of aluminum cans and glass found in most sailors’ garages. If you’re tired of creating landfill fodder but are in need of a new sun hat, check out The Real Deal’s line of hats, which are made from recycled canvas tarpaulins that were formerly used for transporting goods around South America. Each hat is uniquely hand crafted by Brazilian villagers, ensuring that each hat is a unique creation. As the company likes to say, “There is nothing that you can do to this hat that hasn’t happened before.”

$29.99. The Real Deal.

Rash be Gone

If you’re a junior sailor who spends hours out on the water — or if you know one who does — you clearly understand that the clothing you choose to sail in has a huge impact on how your feel, and how you perform, whist sailing. If you meet this description, check out SailFast’s new line of junior (ages 7 – 15) rash-guard shirts. The shirts, which are made out of SPF 50+ material that dries quickly and breathes easily, come in a variety of colors and feature SailFast’s new icon emblazoned on their fronts. Best yet, SailFast believes in company responsibility towards the greater community, and, as a result, they donate 10% of their profits to the fight against Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other blood cancers. Talk about a shirt that makes you feel good both on and off the water.

$40. SailFast; (203) 571-1181.


Not all sunscreens are created equal. Some run the second they get wet or sweaty; others burn the living hell out of your eyes, while others fail to properly protect you from the sun. As with many sailors who have spend decades on the water, I have had a few little skin problems and have been advised to use the heartiest sun block on the market Meet ZBlok, a new sunscreen that’s water and sweat resistant, doesn’t sting your eyes (at least not too badly), and provides “serious” sun and UV protection (SPF 30+). I’ve used ZBlok in the Caribbean and on Narragansett Bay with impressive results. While everybody reacts differently to different types of sunscreen, this one is well worth your time.

$14.95. Schaefer Marine, Inc., 508-995-9511.

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