Gill OS2 Offshore Smock

The Gill OS2 Smock features three-layer construction, which makes it easier to get the jacket on and off, and also more comfortable to wear.

Intended for serious coastal and offshore sailing, the smock configuration offers the advantage over a regular jacket of having fewer openings for water to get through. This can be especially important when working on the foredeck or when out during prolonged periods of heavy weather.

A comfortable, adjustable neck seal and a neoprene waistband ensure that rogue waves and driving rain stay outside where they belong. The OS2 Smock also features an offshore collar design with a fleece lining and storm flap, a high-visibility hood, double wrist seals and integral hand warmer pockets.

The smocks are available silver-gray and red, and retail for $385. For more information, click here.

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